Football and Cheer Estimated Cost

Estimated Cost:  Football $175.00-$195.00
Estimated Cost:  Cheerleader  $250.00-$300.00

OGYF&C By-Laws


All County Football League By-Laws


Football and Cheer Committee

2016 Youth Football and Cheer Committee ---President: Brandon Burns, Vice President: Noah Truett, Secretary: Anna Banks, Treasurer: , Financial Manager: Renee Alley, Athletic Director: Jason Rhodes, Football/CheerFundraising: Amber Waldon, SpecialEvents/Fundraising Assistant: Liz Burns,Equipment Manager: Jody Banks, Cheer Director: Lanea Head, Assistant Cheer Director: Courtney Guthrie, Concession Stand Coordinator: Candice Thomas, ConcessionStand Assistant: Marlo Jones, Grounds and Maintenance: Matt Thomas, Stephen Sadler